Amazon Refund Trick: How to Get a Refund from Amazon Without Returning

Sometimes ago before Amazon became strict on their refund policy, there was a trick buyers used to get a refund without actually returning the same product. This trick was called the Amazon Refund Trick. We will show you exactly how that worked and the possible repercussions if you get caught.

If you have ever purchased an item from Amazon that did not satisfy your expectations, you would have have most likely asked for a refund. But do you know there was a way you could get a refund without actually returning the exact same item to Amazon? Well, it is not morally right to do so but so many people jumped on this opportunity and made a lot of fortune with the Amazon Refund Trick.

Two notable cases in the past stands out. A man named Hudson Hamrick scammed Amazon of over $300,000 using the Amazon refund trick. Another case is that of a Spanish man named Joseph Kwarteng who also used the Amazon refund trick to scam amazon of over $370,000.

Most Popular Amazon Refund Cheat

Amazon has a refund policy but most people have decided not to play by the rules. The following are two of the major Amazon refund tricks that are prevalent among people today.

1. Returning a Different Product of Lower Price

This amazon scam method means that you return an item that is of a lower price compared to the price of the item Amazon shipped to you. This is one of the most popular Amazon refund tricks in 2023. You will face a sentence if you get caught using this method. A Virginia based doctor Farhaad Riyaz was arrested using this Amazon refund trick and was sentenced to 20 years in Prison.

2. False Claim of Faulty Product or Non-Delivery

This is the second most popular amazon refund tricks. Once you claim that the product you purchased has a a defect or was not delivered, Amazon would process a refund for you depending on the nature of the product or third party vendor agreements.

Most people use this avenue to scam amazon of million of dollars as in the case of Erin and Leah Jeanette who successfully scammed amazon of over $1.2 million dollars. If you get caught, you could face imprisonment.

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